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About Us

Pee Dee Ranch
736 Brockland Lane
Cheraw, SC US
Pee Dee Ranch is a small growing farm pursuing our Pegues family farming heritage. The Pegues came to Cheraw by way of the Great Pee Dee River around 1750 then the River was the primary means of transporting agriculture products to market.
As a young kid I remember the saying "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" then it only makes sense to eat Healthy, Clean, Unadulterated, and Safe Food. This all starts with how we treat the Earth and our Environment that we depend on for LIFE. I was taught this as a child by my parents and grandparents, especially my mother and grandmother, now I have passed this on to my children and plan on sharing this with others.

Mission: First and foremost is to protect the Environment and Nature, by farming in a manner that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and humane for our animals. We desire to do more than we currently are and endeavoring to get the land back to pre-European condition. In order to do this we are mimicking nature’s migration cycles of herd animals. Using domestic animals with daily intensive managed rotational grazing in place of wild herds of buffalo, sheep, and goats that where once abundant in all of North America.
Products: Grass Fed and Finished: Beef, Lamb, and Goat. Pastured Pork and seasonal vegetables with higher than organic standards.
Promise: All our animals are born on our farm so that we can ensure the Safety and Quality of our food that our family and your family eat to be Hormone free, Antibiotic free, Chemical free, USDA inspected, processed and packaged. We practice organic standards and are eligible to apply for USDA organic certification.
Methods: The cows, sheep and goats are never feed grain, therefore No GMO issues. They are daily given fresh pasture (intensive managed rotational grazed thru pastures and forest). The pigs, Tamworth and Berkshire heritage breed pigs are never confined in a building or small pens, they are allowed to forage and root as pig should, eating nuts, berries, plants, roots, and are feed supplemental grain with no animal byproducts. They are rotated (moved) regularly to protect the soil, water, and environment. The pigs are used to rid an area of invasive plants improving the habitat of native species of plants to follow as well getting cultivated land for crops ready. All our animals are humanely raised stress free and allowed to grow as nature intended for improved taste and health benefits (you are what you eat). Studies show that pasture raised meat is lower in saturated fat, higher in omega 3s, higher in vitamins and minerals.

We always welcome visitors or volunteers (by appointment please) to share in the pleasures of harvesting food from the Earth. With the help of others we will continue being good stewards of the land; nature and the environment. There is so much going on, being planned to do, room to do more and Dreams of doing more. We would love to share all this with others. Support our cause and help save the Environment and Nature.
If this is the way you want your Food Grown, then we want to be Your Farmers and Friends! We're not afraid to talk, matter fact we love to talk about what we do and would like to meet you!. Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net? Call me, 843 623 1040, Paxton.


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